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A to Z on binary trading, without bullshit - straight to the point. with PROOFS.

Starting trading ? Here is a Must know TIP !

Yes you get $ 10,000 of virtual money to train trading but when you are trading Real money, in IQ Option you have to deposite at least $ 10.
And you have to trade at least $ 1 in a single trade. If you are unsuccesfull, now you have only $ 9.
that is starting a account in RUB instead of DOLLARS. Then the minimum deposite is 30 RUB ( ~$5 ) and for one trade it is ONLY ~$0.5
you can’t change your currency though, you have to make a account again.

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Manual trading? Support and Resistance is the ONLY way.

There are no shortcuts or easy ways for success. FULLSTOP.
in youtube there are so many liers teaching quick methods but most of them are fakes.
Market goes UP and DOWN according to buyers and sellers.
therefor most of the time market turns at Support and Resistance levels.

in this video i have explained it from A-Z, watch it and master it in your PRACTISE account without spending a cent of your real money.

If it works for you, continue on. if not, time to find a job.

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