so, in short MT2IQ is a software that send meta traders’s signals to IQ Option broker.
meta trader is a platform used by highly experinced brokers, MT2IQ gets signals from indicators that we use MT and then it executes trades behalf of us.

this is emotionless trading, many traders are successful because they are too emotional and trade like maniacs. by using a automatic trading bot, you can execute trades at perfect place without emotions.
if you are successful in manual trading or too busy to spend time on trading, this is the best way to trade.

in MT2IQ there are settings to pause trading at certain economic news times as you need.
also you can copy trade other successful traders using MT2IQ.


best thing about MT2IQ is that is it FREE to use on your Practise account. So you can check whether this is a fruad or not. If it works you can buy the MT2IQ  and activate licence for the IQ Options’s REAL account.

also if you use the code “myhublk10” you will get a 10% discount when purchasing the MT2IQ.
here is the link to download MT2IQ full version free :

and as i explained in the front page, Yes you get $ 10,000 of virtual money to train trading but when you are trading Real money, in IQ Option you have to deposite at least $ 10.
And you have to trade at least $ 1 in a single trade. If you are unsuccesfull, now you have only $ 9.
that is starting a account in RUB instead of DOLLARS. Then the minimum deposite is 30 RUB ( ~$5 ) and for one trade it is ONLY ~$0.5
you can’t change your currency though, you have to make a account again.

Here is the link to register at IQOPTION :

if you want personal support contact me at